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Welcome To The Original Jobsite For East Yorkshire Recruitment

' Jobs for everyone ?  We're working on it ! '

East Yorkshire Jobs, celebrating 16 years in 2021, was the first dedicated recruitment website for our region.

We are specialists in local employment and training opportunities, everything available throughout the whole East Riding.

Advertising? Why pay more elsewhere when we have the largest verified regional audience of around 73,000 users each week.

Over the years our websites have grown to become the main jobsites for your region, preferred by most local employers and job seekers.


  • Token House Partnership have been operating internet services since 1999 including the promotion of educational and vocational development through its various trading initiatives. Our founder's professional skills and business expertise goes back over 40 years to 1974. Because of the phenomenal success of the Bridjobs online regional recruitment site, in the Spring of 2009 we expanded and launched our extended offering with The Employer's Agency, yet another unique and exciting development at the time in Bridlington, for the recruitment of staff throughout the East Riding of Yorkshire. This continuing successful progression for us, was due partly because browsing for job vacancies online, is still one of the fastest growing internet trends and a main contributing factor why the sales of newspapers have declined more than 750 million copies since the start of the 1990's. The volume of recruitment advertising revenue at local newspapers, continually drops by around 20% per annum nationally, as employers turn to the likes of us to fill their vacancies more cost effectively. Research also shows that recruiters now prefer niche jobsites, rather than national ones, as these return better results - one of the reasons why around 70% of all East Yorkshire businesses now regularly have recruitment adverts featured online with us. This includes one of the county's larger employers, Ebuyer incorporating Wren Kitchens.

  • More about us following relocation to Bridlington in 2004, we became aware of the opportunities not only for our expansion, but also for the benefit of the area and its population, through utilising our expertise and ethos, plus commitment to local regeneration programmes. The establishment of this jobsite was achieved by using the experience gained within the voluntary and community sectors in Yorkshire, working primarily within areas focused around community development, employment, training and assisting local businesses to thrive. As a reassurance to our users, we would like to point out that the type of online breach in security, which struck Superdrug in 2018 and Talk Talk in 2017, plus previously the jobsite 'Monster' in January 2009 (twice in a very short period) and also the 'Guardian Newspaper' jobsite during October 2009, of data theft by hackers of personal information for the purpose of identity fraud, could not happen here, as we do not store your details online. You are safer on this site than at most of the other recruitment gateways etc. Read more about this at our BLOG

  • Development the potential for new employment and training opportunities had been identified within and around the Bridlington area for jobseekers and to offer reasonable advertising rates not only to the smaller advertiser, but also to the larger employers within the East Riding, particularly as jobseekers relocating to this part of Yorkshire plus those living just out of the immediate vicinity, do not have access to any of the local newspapers. This site has therefore been created specifically to cater to the needs of the growing regional population in this new millennium and to help improve the prosperity of the area. Towns surrounding Bridlington are now also benefiting, as we have very quickly become the preferred recruitment portal for the whole East Riding of Yorkshire, by both employers and job seekers alike, resulting in more than 73,000 online visitors here each and every week.

  • Today most people looking for work in East Yorkshire now use these established services online. By accessing the Bridjobs recruitment domains, you are supporting a business which was established locally and is still continuing to help regenerate the region. We are relatively small and independent, not a corporate giant like most of our competitors in the employment industry, who usually have originated from outside of the area and are purely profit driven, with most charging extortionate rates for advertising vacancies. Any profits we make from revenue collected via Bridjobs are invested back into its further development, for the benefit of everyone and to enable us to expand the range of community services that we offer online. What was once the traditional way of promoting job opportunities for the town and the region is no more - recruiting via the internet is your future, recruiting locally with this website is the present. Testimonials click to read what some users have said.

To help reduce our carbon footprint, the webhosting we use to get our jobsite online, operates with 100% wind turbine power.

East Yorkshire Jobs Bridlington Powered By Wind Turbines !


No other medium gives you access to the majority of current jobs in Bridlington, a very large selection now of all the jobs in East Yorkshire at this time, plus every single job currently on offer at ERYC (East Riding Of Yorkshire Council). Because of this, many in the region involved with recruiting, refer here today to this site - including Job Centre Plus. See all the jobs NOW

Recruitment services for the region's employers and job seekers - local jobs for local people.

We now also own the following domains, for our current expansion of this popular service:

northyorkshirejobs.co.uk  /  southyorkshirejobs.co.uk  /  westyorkshirejobs.co.uk



For questions or queries about this website and its services contact: office@bridjobs.co.uk

To place and pay for an online advert today please call 0800 6125350 or contact: sales@bridjobs.co.uk

Our recruitment specialists are available to assist you with the style and wording of your advert. Benefit here from dedicated experienced staff who understand your needs and have helped many employers, both at the agency and on the jobsite Click To Read Our CUSTOMER FEEDBACK

Living Wage From April 2021, the national living wage is £8.91 an hour for workers aged 23 and older. For workers aged 21-22 and it's £8.36:  Aged 18-20 the new rate will be £6.56 per hour and the hourly rate all for employees aged 16-17 is £4.62 per hour. Apprenticeship hourly rate for under 19 year olds £4.30 and it is also that over 19 when it's your first year. For more detailed guidance contact The Pay & Work Rights Helpline: 0800 917 2368 or go to: livingwage.gov.uk


Some vacancies may be filled prior to the expiry of the advertisements contained within.  We do not accept responsibility if this happens and rely on the advertiser to update us, as and when vacancies are taken. The full details we have on each vacancy listed is as published on this site, it is therefore advisable to contact the advertiser direct and not the BridJobs™ Office for more information.  N.B. In order to apply for jobs on this web site, you must be eligible to work in the E.U. or hold a valid work permit

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